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We are dominated by everything with which our self becomes identified.
We can dominate and control everything from which we disidentify.
~ Roberto Assagioli

What conditions and experiences can Psychosynthesis Counselling help with?

  • Managing Crisis and Trauma
  • Coping with Change
  • Searching for Meaning and Direction
  • Crisis of Identity
  • Overcoming Unhelpful Patterns and Thoughts
  • Releasing our Full Potential and Creativity
  • Working with Depression, Anxiety and Panic Attacks
  • Low Self-Esteem
  • Workplace Conflicts
  • Relationships Problems
  • Family Issues
  • The Pain of Bereavement and Separation

What Benefits Can Be Expected?

  • Experience the strength of Will to manage life's challenges
  • Begin to live a life being true and authentic to yourself
  • Feel empowered and in control
  • Make the right life-choices according to what is right for you, not others
  • Unlock your potential and passion
  • Understand your patterns of reaction; be empowered to change them
  • Gain confidence and greater self-esteem
  • Develop peace of mind

While trained to practise across a range of therapies, my speciality is Psychosynthesis. Drawing from psychology and philosophy, this is a therapy that aims to recognise and respond to our inner calling, working with the Will to harness our true potential. It is counselling that helps us move towards Self-realisation, rather than focusing entirely on past suffering.

Psychosynthesis is an integrative therapy that is concerned with all aspects of our being, meaning that it not only looks at the past but also to our future selves. It holds that if our potential is suppressed, so too is our capacity to move forward and live authentically, rendering us unable to heal and change. For further information click here to visit The Institute of Psychosynthesis website.

Born in Florence, Roberto Assagioli (the founder of Psychosynthesis) was a contemporary of Freud and Jung - a psychiatrist, a medical doctor and a psychoanalyst. Despite his training, he saw the psychoanalytical model as lacking, believing a height psychology was needed alongside the depth psychology. Assagioli believed that it is not our history alone which shapes us, but also our innate potential. To paraphrase, he firmly believed we must include the loft of the psyche in therapy, as well as the basement. In a letter from Freud to Assagioli Freud states "I am interested only in the basement of the human being"; Psychosynthesis is interested in the whole building.
For an interesting article and further information click here to read more about Assagioli’s life and pioneering therapeutic work.

Without forgiveness,
life is governed by an endless cycle of resentment and retaliation.

~ Roberto Assagioli

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